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ITCA Webinars

Welcome to the ITCA Webinar series page.  Our Webinars are designed to support members when they present a True Colors training.  To view a webinar, simply click on the link.

Our webinars are hosted on YouTube in a Private account on the new ITCA Channel.  They are not available on the public YouTube account.

The Seven Essential Elements Series

Webinar One, with Dr. Bill Behrens, True Colors Master Trainer.  Essential Element 1, Introduction

Webinar Two, with Dr. Bill Reid.  Essential Element 2, History

Webinar Three, with Barry Waite, True Colors Master Trainer.  Essential Element 3, Card Sort

Webinar Four with Bill Reid and Sherri Sutton, Essential Element 4, Brightening

Webinar Five Essential Element 5, Edutainment

Webinar Six with Tom Doyle and Ann Kashiwa, Essential Element 6, Blended

Webinar Seven with Bill Behrens, Essential Element 7, Closure

The Marketing Series

Webinar One with Master Trainer Barry Waite:  Get thinking about Marketing