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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is True Colors?

True Colors™ is a fun, informative, communication system that provides the keys to success. Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the work of Dr. David Keirsey, True Colors offers a research-based approach to understanding human behavior and motivation. True Colors uses a metaphor of colors (gold, orange, blue, and green) to identify four distinct perspectives and personalities. The four True Colors constitute your character spectrum. Knowing your primary and secondary "color" will provide you with clues to your esteem, your strengths, joys, needs and what causes you stress and frustration. Once you begin to incorporate these concepts into daily language and experience, you are able to recognize and appreciate diversity and your own unique strengths and preferences, as well as those of people at work, school, and home. True Colors provides a clear, fundamental and universal way of translating complicated individual perspectives to help overcome the barriers to progress. This understanding improves collaboration, provides a way to strategize and organize work teams, helps increase individual and team productivity and recognition, and provides a way for decision-makers to utilize personality type in day-to-day management decisions.

2. What seminars are available?

Seminars are available to address many areas and new ones are being developed regularly. Visit the True Colors International website to see what trainings are currently being offered by them:

3. Does the True Colors Association offer seminars/workshops?

As the professional association of certified True Colors Facilitators and Trainers, our training are only available to our members. However, our members offer a variety of workshops to meet any need. To find the ITCA Member nearest to you, click on the World Member Map link on the left. Select your continent, your state, Click on the ITCA logo and you will have a list of the ITCA members closest to you. We also offer an online referral service where you can for a member to contact you about a workshop by using the Workshop Request link at the bottom on the left.

4. Who Uses True Colors?

True Colors has been translated into 10 different languages and has been used all over the world since 1978. Here is a list of just some of the companies that have used True Colors: Who Uses True Colors.